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Moon Interviews Sharon Gerlach

April 21, 2011

Today, I’ve decided to let my dog do the interviewing to give myself a bit of a break. Kind of upset the vampire, but he’ll get over it in time. I have to say that Moon did quite well. She even suckered a treat out of our guest. 🙂

The interviewer:

The Interviewee:

I’m a princess. Are you a princess? If so, do you have a tiara and what does it look like?

You would not catch me dead in a tiara. Because I’m not a princess; I am the queen, and queens wear crowns, love.

I understand there are angels in your book, Malakh. Are there any dogs in there?

No dogs. It’s about an angelic serial murderer.  Since I like dogs more than I like most people, I’d never put a dog in the path of a serial killer. Never.

Why should I read your book? Not that I can read, but my mommy can read it aloud to me.

Mommy should read it aloud to you, because it is awesome. It has angels, it has intrigue, mystery, deceit, betrayal, and I am an awesome wri—what? What do you mean, enough tooting my own horn?? Isn’t that what an interview is about?

I can say “I love you.” Can any of your animals speak like me?

One of my cats says “owww.” Well, it sounds like “owww,” and since he regularly runs in front of me while I’m taking a step, it very well could be “owww.” Does that count?

I’m an Alaskan malamute who has never seen snow. Do you live where there is snow?

I DO live where there is snow! In fact, over the last four years, we have received a crap-ton of snow. I love the snow!

I’m coming to live with you! Would you be able to take care of me?

Oh course! I even have a dog brush! And a playmate for you, though she’s old. And weird. She’s a Border Collie. She’ll teach you how to rewire the house and max out my credits cards. Wait, no she won’t. She’s too lazy to do much of anything but bark at the neighbor kids. And squirrels. The neighbor kids deserve it more.

Is there snow in your book?

Nope, no snow. The story takes place in July in Seattle. Wait—there could have been snow…this is Washington State. haha  There’s snow in one of my other books, though.

Shawn: Who let the dog interview? That’s my job!

Moon: *growls*

Shawn: Calm down, pup. I’ll let you have this one. Sheesh.

Moon: I apologize for the interruption. Now, where were we? Oh, do you like vampires? Me, not so much right now.

Ummm…vampires. Tres creepy. I prefer werewolves because, you know, they only come out at the full moon. Vampires, every freaking night. Every. Freaking. Night. How’s a girl to get a good night’s sleep, what with worrying about vampires sneaking into her bedroom? It’s hell on the complexion.

Dogs or cats? Think carefully before answering.

Dogs and cats. Who says they can’t co-exist? Even the Ghostbusters predicted dogs and cats living together.

Aside from angels, what is your book about?

It’s about redemption, finding peace after turmoil and heartbreak, repentance, and the restoration of relationships.

Not that I can use a computer—that whole typing thing—but where can people buy your book?

They can purchase it at Smashwords, Amazon, or Amazon UK.



Amazon UK

Do you have a treat for me?

Let’s look in the fridge—hmmm, bacon and chocolate. No can do—those are fatal to dogs. How about a rubber Hershey bar and a Beggin’ Strip?

Thank you. *chomp, chomp* I like you, Sharon. *licks*

Awwww, thanks! I like you too, Moon. Let’s go outside—I have squirrels you can chase! No, they’re not vampire squirrels. No, they’re not zombie squirrels, either. They’re just squirrels. No, they aren’t were-squirrels. Geez, what is it with you??

She takes after her mommy. 😉

Thank you, Sharon, for the wonderful interview and for keeping Moon occupied for a spell.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Malakh yet, I suggest you do so before the week is up, as Sharon is offering a special price of $0.99 throughout this blog tour. Besides, it’s a great book!

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  1. April 21, 2011 11:27 am

    LMFAO. I loved this! 🙂

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