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Interview with Lynne Roberts

February 10, 2011

Today we’re talking to Lynne Roberts, erotic romance author whom I’ve had the pleasure of editing on many occasions. Lynne and I have built a wonderful friendship and so, upon hearing of her upcoming release dates, I pounced with my questions as any dear friend would. Hope you enjoy!

What types of books do you write; genre and such? And do you read the same genre you write?

Under Lynne Roberts, I write erotic and spicy romance. I write urban fantasy under my ‘real’ name. I think reading the genre in which you write is a big part of keeping your writing fresh. I realize that might sound like a contradiction but creativity inspires creativity. In addition, you should write what you love and if you love a genre, it’s hard to stay away from it anyway.

What was your inspiration for Creative License, or how did it come about?

Creative License was originally inspired by Katy Perry’s song, Waking Up in Vegas. At least the song inspired the ‘what if’. An editor friend of mine encouraged me to write the story.

What are some other books you’ve written?

FIRST DATE and AFTER HOURS, both published by The Wilder Rose Press, are my first publications. I also have another short, HOOKING UP, releasing on March 18th from TWRP.

Can you name any authors that you absolutely MUST read the moment you see a new book of theirs out?

Cari Quinn, Krelsey Cole, Ilona Andrews, JR Ward, Helen Hardt and so many others!

Why do you write in general? What motivates or inspires you to write or is inspiration for your stories?

I write because it’s part of who I am. I write to stay me, to stay sane. Why do I publish? That’s an entirely different question. ; ) Writing without publishing, for me,  would be like creating a painting you love and then storing it in the closet. I fall in love with my characters and their love story, it seems natural to want to share.

I find inspiration in the strangest places, from dreams to men walking down the street, songs, strangers, comments made by friends. I’m not a prolific writer, because of time constraints, but it’s something I couldn’t give up.

How did you get started in the publishing industry? Contests, conferences, writing groups, etc.?

I always wanted to write but it was something I kept putting on the backburner. One day, I had an idea for a story that wouldn’t go away. I wrote it down, all 100 pages, joined an online writing workshop and realized how much I needed to improve. In 2009, a friend of mine inspired me to write an erotic romance. After I sent it to her, she convinced me to submit. I did and it was contracted.

Can you give any hints as to what’s in store for future books?

If you’ve read FIRST DATE, you might remember Tiffany, Jill’s friend. She’s a character that stuck with me, demanding her own book. I gave it to her. You don’t say no to Tiffany. ; ) The story is written and with a CP. As soon as I polish it, I’ll submit and we’ll see. I’m also working on another erotic short called ORAL FIXATION. I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks there.

Tell our readers what books of yours are available and where they can purchase them.

FIRST DATE and AFTER HOURS are available at the Wilder Rose Press (click on FIRST DATE for the link)

CREATIVE LICENSE is available for pre-order at Samhain. It releases 2/15

Any advice to aspiring authors out there on where to start in publishing?

Read, read, read, and then write. Finish the story and when you’re done, write another. Sounds simple, but it isn’t. Writing is hard work. Constantly attempt to improve your craft by seeking out tough readers and critique partners who aren’t afraid to tell you when something needs to change. Once you have something you’re proud of, read a publisher’s or agent’s guidelines and submit! I started with a small press publisher but every journey to publication is different.

Creative License book blurb:

Loose ends have a way of tripping you up…

Years ago, a law school graduation weekend in Vegas had been part of Lily MacPherson’s plan. Waking up next to a naked Adonis with a ring on her finger was not. After a quick annulment, she relegated Caleb Anderson to her late-night fantasies—and very short list of mistakes—until his voice on the other end of the phone asks a favor that could shake the foundations of her neat and tidy future.

Caleb is still haunted by Lily’s horrified expression that morning in Vegas. At least it had made it easy to set her free…except they aren’t. The papers were never filed. And when the nosy patroness who could launch his painting career insists on meeting his “wife”, does he confess, or call Lily? He calls Lily.

When she steps off the plane, Caleb’s determination to play tour guide disappears in the San Francisco fog. Lily thought she could keep up the pretense for one weekend, cut the last tie to her past, and move on. But their chemistry still pops and sizzles, finally exploding into passion at Caleb’s studio.

It’s everything they remember…but so is the yawning chasm of differences that, in the end, could once again drive them apart.

Thank you, Lynne, for stopping by!

You’ll definitely want to check out Creative License, folks! Great story. =)

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  1. February 10, 2011 9:20 am

    Great advice, Lynne.

  2. February 10, 2011 2:40 pm

    Thank you Nichelle! This interview was fun and I love the title for this blog! Just a reminder to your readers, in case they haven’t seen my blog, each comment here enters you in a drawing to win a $10 Samhain gift card. Winner will be announced on release day for CREATIVE LICENSE, Feb 15th. A simple “hey dude” gives you a chance to make a dent in that TBR pile… ; )

    • NL Gervasio permalink*
      February 12, 2011 7:49 pm

      Thanks for stopping by, chica! 🙂

  3. February 10, 2011 2:40 pm

    Hi Emma!

    It seems like I’m see you all over the blogosphere today. ; ) Thank you so much for commenting and good luck!

  4. Shawna permalink
    February 10, 2011 2:43 pm

    Hi Nichelle,

    Great interview!


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