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The Nemesis Playlist

July 12, 2011

Most of this post was originally published on Derek Hawkins’ blog Brain Drippings.

When I first started writing Nemesis, and pretty much any book before it, I didn’t listen to music like most writers do. I have ADD, so I’m distracted quite easily. I needed total solitude and mostly silence, so I sat outside on my back porch in a place I used to call my Sanctuary, and the only sounds I would hear were those of the neighborhood and city surrounding me.

Over the past two years, I’ve learned to write/edit with larger distractions, such as music or television, if absolutely unavoidable. You see, I don’t have kids, so I didn’t know how to block out the sounds before. It takes a lot of practice to get to that point without children running rampant through the house. I did have a teenage foster-daughter for a couple of years, but she knew not to disturb me during my writing time. And with my Sanctuary now gone, it was a much-needed skill I had to learn.

What I’m going to share with you today is the playlist I made up while working on the book. Some of these are the songs I listened to during edits, while others are merely perfect subtitles, so I made them all subtitles for each chapter. Most songs fit the chapter they’re assigned to, such as Another Hole in the Head for chapter 10. The credit for finding that little gem goes to my dear friend H.C. Palmquist, who also helped me shape that chapter, as it was part of the major overhaul I did on the book.

Here’s the actual list of songs, in order by chapter:

Nemesis Playlist

1. The Creeps – Social Distortion

2. Little by Little – Robert Plant

3. Wake Me in the Morning – The Bollox

4. Nemesis – Shriekback

5. No Man’s Woman – Sinead O’Connor

6. Devil’s Dance Floor – Flogging Molly

7. Next Contestant – Nickelback

8. Lick – Joi

9. I Will Possess Your Heart – Death Cab for Cutie

10. Another Hole in the Head – Nickelback

11. 3 Libras – A Perfect Circle

12. How You Remind Me – Nickelback

13. Something I Can Never Have – Nine Inch Nails

14. Not in Rivers, But in Drops – ISIS

15. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing – Chris Isaak

16. Let It Die – Foo Fighters

17. King of Fools – Social Distortion

18. Foxy, Foxy – Rob Zombie

19. Winter Solstice – The Tea Party

20. You Do Something to Me – Sinead O’Connor

21. Head Like a Hole – Nine Inch Nails

22. We’re in This Together – Nine Inch Nails

23. Feelin’ Love – Paula Cole

24. You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse

25. Tura’ Lu – The Bollox

26. You Know What You Are? – Nine Inch Nails

27. Just a Girl – No Doubt

28. Weak and Powerless – A Perfect Circle

29. No, You Don’t – Nine Inch Nails

30. Hour of Darkness – Social Distortion

31. Headstrong – Trapt

32. Feel Alive – U.P.O.

And here’s the link to the playlist on Grooveshark.

As you can see from this list, I’m a huge Nine Inch Nails fan and an old punk. Be glad I didn’t throw a bunch of 80s punk songs in there, although that’d be kind of cool. Oh, and by the way, I always call the Death Cab for Cutie song I Will Possess Your Heart the stalker song of the year decade. Seriously, listen to the lyrics!

My reason for not listening to music before wasn’t that music didn’t inspire me—it does on many levels. In fact, there’s a Celtic song titled A Thousand Curses on Love by Richard Searles that inspired my first paranormal novel, The Vampyre Prophecy. It’s not available at this time, but will be as soon as I dive into the edits to revamp it. I wasn’t happy with the final product, so I retired the book and it’s no longer in print. It should be out by this fall.

Nemesis has her own blog: Foxy’s Den

Nemy can also be found on Twitter: Nemy_girl

You can find Nemesis on the Running Ink Press website, which will direct you to the purchase points and desired e-formats. The book is not yet available in print form.


Birthday Month Book Blog Tour

May 27, 2011

Since it’s my birthday next month, and since I’m releasing my book Nemesis on my birthday, I thought I’d make the blog tour last the entire month of June . . . if I can find enough people to host me.

That is essentially what this post is about. It’s a call to all of my friends, authors and not, who have blogs and who might find a bit of space on their blog to either interview me or have me guest post in order to help me promote my new book. Your number of readers doesn’t matter to me. By hosting me on your blog, I, in turn, will be promoting your blog because I’ll be tweeting and Facebooking the hell out of every post I’m on!

So what say you, my dears? Will you help a starving author out?

Leave a comment or email me at nlgervasio (at) gmail (dot) com.

Nemesis’ Book Cover Revealed

April 28, 2011

That’s right, I’m unveiling the book cover I designed for Nemesis. As you will see, I’m also leaving the title the way it is. There are a few reasons for this. 1) I just can’t think of a more appropriate title. 2) Nemesis has kind of stuck with me and I’ve been talking about it on Twitter forever now (under a different account). 3) The original title The Fox Den sucked. Yeah, right? Oh, and 4) As much as I LOVE Devil’s Dance Floor, it just wasn’t working for me, so it’s a chapter subtitle. 🙂

I mentioned a different account. Well, if you know me, you’ll know I have several accounts. The NLGervasio account is the most professional one and the one I use for editing, writing, or publishing in general. I know, I really need to tweet more from that account. Or maybe I’ll just delete it and stick with the original. Who knows?

The “other” account is my personal twitter, and the one I started with nearly three years ago. Yes, I’ve been on Twitter that long. It frightens even me. When Nemesis releases, I *will* be tweeting about it from all accounts, including Nemy’s.

Moving on . . .

Before I reveal the beauty that is my book cover, I must first point out the artist who created said piece, which involves a small tale.

I was present during this photo shoot, and regardless of what Nemy looks like, I look nothing like her or any other pin-up model/girl, and I’m okay with that. The Dirty Russian was the photographer, my friend Rita was the model (for this particular shot), and a friend’s classic car was the prop. The entire day was entertaining as I watched Aleks (aka The Dirty Russian) and Brandon of Hooligan Photography work their magic. I even took a few pics myself, which are somewhere on my Facebook, I believe. There were three models that day.

As I stood in the alley while Aleks climbed up on a ladder to get the shot of Rita lying on the car’s hood, I thought, “Oh, I can’t wait to see that one!” I knew–I just knew–there was something special about that shot. I fell in love with it when he took the shot. I fell even more in love with it when he revealed the photo during a party at the house. And in the back of my head, I kept thinking, “That’s my picture. I’ll use that for something someday.” And here that someday is, after two years. That’s right, it’s been over two years since Hooligan Photography began and did that photo shoot. It’s been more than two years for a lot of things.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I wrote Nemesis two years ago? Yes, right around the time of that photo shoot, I was writing the book. Funny how life works, isn’t it?

So, without much further ado, I give you the cover for my Nemesis, the first book of my Kick-Ass Girls Club series, published by Running Ink Press.

Yeah, Rita? I’ll need you for the next cover because you really do look like Teagan!

So, what do you think?

Moon Interviews Sharon Gerlach

April 21, 2011

Today, I’ve decided to let my dog do the interviewing to give myself a bit of a break. Kind of upset the vampire, but he’ll get over it in time. I have to say that Moon did quite well. She even suckered a treat out of our guest. 🙂

The interviewer:

The Interviewee:

I’m a princess. Are you a princess? If so, do you have a tiara and what does it look like?

You would not catch me dead in a tiara. Because I’m not a princess; I am the queen, and queens wear crowns, love.

I understand there are angels in your book, Malakh. Are there any dogs in there?

No dogs. It’s about an angelic serial murderer.  Since I like dogs more than I like most people, I’d never put a dog in the path of a serial killer. Never.

Why should I read your book? Not that I can read, but my mommy can read it aloud to me.

Mommy should read it aloud to you, because it is awesome. It has angels, it has intrigue, mystery, deceit, betrayal, and I am an awesome wri—what? What do you mean, enough tooting my own horn?? Isn’t that what an interview is about?

I can say “I love you.” Can any of your animals speak like me?

One of my cats says “owww.” Well, it sounds like “owww,” and since he regularly runs in front of me while I’m taking a step, it very well could be “owww.” Does that count?

I’m an Alaskan malamute who has never seen snow. Do you live where there is snow?

I DO live where there is snow! In fact, over the last four years, we have received a crap-ton of snow. I love the snow!

I’m coming to live with you! Would you be able to take care of me?

Oh course! I even have a dog brush! And a playmate for you, though she’s old. And weird. She’s a Border Collie. She’ll teach you how to rewire the house and max out my credits cards. Wait, no she won’t. She’s too lazy to do much of anything but bark at the neighbor kids. And squirrels. The neighbor kids deserve it more.

Is there snow in your book?

Nope, no snow. The story takes place in July in Seattle. Wait—there could have been snow…this is Washington State. haha  There’s snow in one of my other books, though.

Shawn: Who let the dog interview? That’s my job!

Moon: *growls*

Shawn: Calm down, pup. I’ll let you have this one. Sheesh.

Moon: I apologize for the interruption. Now, where were we? Oh, do you like vampires? Me, not so much right now.

Ummm…vampires. Tres creepy. I prefer werewolves because, you know, they only come out at the full moon. Vampires, every freaking night. Every. Freaking. Night. How’s a girl to get a good night’s sleep, what with worrying about vampires sneaking into her bedroom? It’s hell on the complexion.

Dogs or cats? Think carefully before answering.

Dogs and cats. Who says they can’t co-exist? Even the Ghostbusters predicted dogs and cats living together.

Aside from angels, what is your book about?

It’s about redemption, finding peace after turmoil and heartbreak, repentance, and the restoration of relationships.

Not that I can use a computer—that whole typing thing—but where can people buy your book?

They can purchase it at Smashwords, Amazon, or Amazon UK.



Amazon UK

Do you have a treat for me?

Let’s look in the fridge—hmmm, bacon and chocolate. No can do—those are fatal to dogs. How about a rubber Hershey bar and a Beggin’ Strip?

Thank you. *chomp, chomp* I like you, Sharon. *licks*

Awwww, thanks! I like you too, Moon. Let’s go outside—I have squirrels you can chase! No, they’re not vampire squirrels. No, they’re not zombie squirrels, either. They’re just squirrels. No, they aren’t were-squirrels. Geez, what is it with you??

She takes after her mommy. 😉

Thank you, Sharon, for the wonderful interview and for keeping Moon occupied for a spell.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Malakh yet, I suggest you do so before the week is up, as Sharon is offering a special price of $0.99 throughout this blog tour. Besides, it’s a great book!

Track Changes 101

March 8, 2011

Today, I’m going to teach you all about Track Changes in MS Word. If you don’t know what that is, that’s okay. I’ve encountered many writers over the last few years who haven’t a clue. I’ve taught them via phone and email; I can teach you through a blog post. Actually, it’ll be easier this way because I can “show” you too. 🙂

I work in MS Word 2007. You may have an older version, or a newer version—or you may need to work in RTF (Rich Text Format), which still requires some sort of word processor, but I can still help you either way. Before we begin, let’s talk about what format to save your file as and how to do that. The most common type of file to save your MS as should be RTF. The reason for this is because you never really know who has a PC and who uses a Mac. A Word doc (.doc) can be created on a PC and transferred to and opened on a Mac, but it won’t work the other way around, Mac to PC. It’s just picky that way, at least with the older versions. If you’re on a PC and you don’t want to save in RTF, then at the very least save your file as a Word 2003 doc. A lot of people don’t have the newer versions and 2003 will not open a .docx file, which is 2007, so I think it’s pretty safe to say 2003 also won’t open the 2010 version as well. If you’re using a Mac, I’d strongly suggest saving your file as an RTF. It still looks like Word. It just means anyone can open it, regardless of their version of software or type of computer.

On to Track Changes

I’ll attempt some screen shots for you, but I’ve adjusted my Word to the point that certain things just don’t show up anymore, so now I have to search for them in order to show you. I have to “make” them happen. It’s kind of like magic. 🙂

To use Track Changes to apply edits for someone else, such as a critique partner, you’ll need to click on the ‘Review’ tab at the top of your page and then turn on Track Changes by clicking on it (it looks like a button; check the photo at the top of this post). If you’re a keyboard command type of person, press CTRL + Shift + E. In Word 2003, I believe you can find this under the ‘Tools’ tab. Once you turn Track Changes on, you’ll notice it’s highlighted and when you begin typing, it looks like this. Of course, it’ll be red or some other color. WordPress wouldn’t let me change it, but there’s a screen shot coming up.

In this first shot, I’ve changed the indent because the paragraph wasn’t indented. You’ll notice to the right there’s now a comment indicating what I did. Only when you make formatting changes or add a new comment will this show up.

Whenever you make any changes within the document, they will look like above—adding or deleting punctuation, deleting or adding words, etc. The changes will show up in the document, and the color will change with each editor, where the author will see them and can apply the changes as they see fit. We’ll get into that momentarily. Yes, you get to see how many documents I had open while creating this post for you. And very likely, those changes you see in that manuscript (MS), I forgot to add them to my MS because I made those changes here. Such is my life, but at least I have a photo to view in order to see what I’d done.

Continue to make your changes throughout the document. You can add comments to the right by clicking on ‘New Comment’ in the top menu. These are primarily for asking the author/writer questions, or pointing things out in more detail rather than just rewriting the author’s sentences.

Accept/Reject Changes

Now we’re going to go over accepting/rejecting changes. To approve/reject edits made by someone else, you’ll also need to make sure Track Changes is turned on. I’m not certain the comments will show up if it’s not, and I’ve heard they don’t, especially when the document is RTF (Rich Text Format).

When I place the cursor before the following paragraph and then hit ‘next’ in the menu, Track Changes highlights the change I made. This is a format change, so it’s highlighting two paragraphs at once. Once I click ‘Accept’, Track Changes moves on to the next edit, which can be seen in the next photo.

As I keep clicking ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’, Track Changes will make the edit change or not, and move on to the next edit.

The tricky part is if there are actual comments. As an editor, I advise authors/writers to read the comment(s), apply changes within the document if necessary, and then ‘Reject’ the comment itself during the Accept/Reject process. Otherwise, the comment will remain visible.

Once finished with all edits, this little window will pop up.

Congratulations! You’ve just gone through your first session of Track Changes. Liberating, isn’t it? 🙂 Whether or not you think so, trust me, your editor will be pleased. Especially if you pay attention to Formatting, which will be my next post.

Yes, it’s just that simple. Ask your questions in the comments area and I’ll do my best to answer.

NOTE: One last thing. PLEASE always rename the file, either with your initials attached to the end of the original title, or your name with the word “edits” at the end of the file name. I personally don’t want the edited copy to override my original document.

Thanks for stopping by!

NL Gervasio


March 1, 2011

Someone did something special for me last Thursday. They took care of my dog when I couldn’t. They are “fostering” her so she could have a vet check-up and can get medication for her hip dysplasia. The shots I’m paying for because I’ll feel bad if I don’t cover something. I’m also not certain how much this vet visit cost. I used to have pet insurance for all of my animals, so I haven’t seen real prices in some time. Needless to say, I’m looking for more freelance work. But my Moon has an angel right now that I’m extremely thankful for, especially since she’s been very sick this week.

Moon is doing well. We have antibiotics for her and began the Meloxicam to treat her hip dysplasia. She also has a lump on her left underbelly near her ribs that’s about the size of a kumquat or cherry, but the vet said it’s probably just a fatty tumor and nothing to worry about right now. I just need to keep an eye on it. Other than all of that, she’s fine and even got a pedicure.

I’ve had many angels in my lifetime. Some have been family; others, friends. I don’t talk about it a lot because I don’t know what to say or how to express how deeply appreciative I am for what they’ve done for me. They’ve all helped me in so many different ways. So if you’re one of my angels, a thousand thank yous. When I can again, I’ll pay you back or pay it forward, whether or not we’re still speaking to one another.

I’ve been an angel too. I definitely don’t talk about that because I don’t think it’s appropriate, so unless you’re someone I’ve helped who knows this is true about me, you’ll never hear of it outside of this one statement. I usually do this kind of thing anonymously. My only regret right now is that I can’t help much these days, but I’m working toward getting to that place again soon.

So if you’ve been an angel to someone, thank you. And if you haven’t had the chance to be an angel yet, give it a try. You’d be surprised at how little it takes to make a big difference in someone’s life.



Interview with Lynne Roberts

February 10, 2011

Today we’re talking to Lynne Roberts, erotic romance author whom I’ve had the pleasure of editing on many occasions. Lynne and I have built a wonderful friendship and so, upon hearing of her upcoming release dates, I pounced with my questions as any dear friend would. Hope you enjoy!

What types of books do you write; genre and such? And do you read the same genre you write?

Under Lynne Roberts, I write erotic and spicy romance. I write urban fantasy under my ‘real’ name. I think reading the genre in which you write is a big part of keeping your writing fresh. I realize that might sound like a contradiction but creativity inspires creativity. In addition, you should write what you love and if you love a genre, it’s hard to stay away from it anyway.

What was your inspiration for Creative License, or how did it come about?

Creative License was originally inspired by Katy Perry’s song, Waking Up in Vegas. At least the song inspired the ‘what if’. An editor friend of mine encouraged me to write the story.

What are some other books you’ve written?

FIRST DATE and AFTER HOURS, both published by The Wilder Rose Press, are my first publications. I also have another short, HOOKING UP, releasing on March 18th from TWRP.

Can you name any authors that you absolutely MUST read the moment you see a new book of theirs out?

Cari Quinn, Krelsey Cole, Ilona Andrews, JR Ward, Helen Hardt and so many others!

Why do you write in general? What motivates or inspires you to write or is inspiration for your stories?

I write because it’s part of who I am. I write to stay me, to stay sane. Why do I publish? That’s an entirely different question. ; ) Writing without publishing, for me,  would be like creating a painting you love and then storing it in the closet. I fall in love with my characters and their love story, it seems natural to want to share.

I find inspiration in the strangest places, from dreams to men walking down the street, songs, strangers, comments made by friends. I’m not a prolific writer, because of time constraints, but it’s something I couldn’t give up.

How did you get started in the publishing industry? Contests, conferences, writing groups, etc.?

I always wanted to write but it was something I kept putting on the backburner. One day, I had an idea for a story that wouldn’t go away. I wrote it down, all 100 pages, joined an online writing workshop and realized how much I needed to improve. In 2009, a friend of mine inspired me to write an erotic romance. After I sent it to her, she convinced me to submit. I did and it was contracted.

Can you give any hints as to what’s in store for future books?

If you’ve read FIRST DATE, you might remember Tiffany, Jill’s friend. She’s a character that stuck with me, demanding her own book. I gave it to her. You don’t say no to Tiffany. ; ) The story is written and with a CP. As soon as I polish it, I’ll submit and we’ll see. I’m also working on another erotic short called ORAL FIXATION. I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks there.

Tell our readers what books of yours are available and where they can purchase them.

FIRST DATE and AFTER HOURS are available at the Wilder Rose Press (click on FIRST DATE for the link)

CREATIVE LICENSE is available for pre-order at Samhain. It releases 2/15

Any advice to aspiring authors out there on where to start in publishing?

Read, read, read, and then write. Finish the story and when you’re done, write another. Sounds simple, but it isn’t. Writing is hard work. Constantly attempt to improve your craft by seeking out tough readers and critique partners who aren’t afraid to tell you when something needs to change. Once you have something you’re proud of, read a publisher’s or agent’s guidelines and submit! I started with a small press publisher but every journey to publication is different.

Creative License book blurb:

Loose ends have a way of tripping you up…

Years ago, a law school graduation weekend in Vegas had been part of Lily MacPherson’s plan. Waking up next to a naked Adonis with a ring on her finger was not. After a quick annulment, she relegated Caleb Anderson to her late-night fantasies—and very short list of mistakes—until his voice on the other end of the phone asks a favor that could shake the foundations of her neat and tidy future.

Caleb is still haunted by Lily’s horrified expression that morning in Vegas. At least it had made it easy to set her free…except they aren’t. The papers were never filed. And when the nosy patroness who could launch his painting career insists on meeting his “wife”, does he confess, or call Lily? He calls Lily.

When she steps off the plane, Caleb’s determination to play tour guide disappears in the San Francisco fog. Lily thought she could keep up the pretense for one weekend, cut the last tie to her past, and move on. But their chemistry still pops and sizzles, finally exploding into passion at Caleb’s studio.

It’s everything they remember…but so is the yawning chasm of differences that, in the end, could once again drive them apart.

Thank you, Lynne, for stopping by!

You’ll definitely want to check out Creative License, folks! Great story. =)